Closing for the interim

Artists and art Browsers are advised that Gallery 48 will close while there are restrictions to public meetings. It is not that we are a small space. With no air-conditioning we have lots of louvres open and great breezes coming through at this time of year. However everybody is making this effort so we at the gallery will also make the effort.

Artists wil have more time to create. I hope you are keeping well.

Art Browsers will have time to consider a collection in the future. I hope you are keeping well.

Brief opening

Hello Friends and Visitors to Gallery 48,

We were closed for the festive season and reopened in February and March briefly. .

In December “I hope the New Year brings you heath, happiness and for the art person amongst you many creative splurges !!!” So it has become more serious to stay healthy.

Magpie Drinking

This is one way of looking at survival as now the birds are looking for water in back yards as well as streets. This one has it sorted for now. That was in the hot Summer. .

Happy Hour 5:00 to 6:00 pm Saturday 7th December

Ways to remember. Clive James wrote about the Australian Happy Hour with mirth of course. Let me know if you can visit Gallery 48 on the 7th December.

We will close for Christmas after that. Though we have an advertisement in Art Guide for January February 2020 the gallery will close for the heat. We may be available through appointments. See contacts please.

Magpie drinking I
Magpie drinking II
Magpie after drinking

We know its hot in Townsville but this fella had it all worked out.

Heather Byrne and Kathy Cornwall

Gallery 48 The Strand showcases two new exhibitions by Heather Byrne and Kathy Cornwall.

Opening event 2:00pm Saturday 20th July, 2019

Gallery 48 The Strand
Unit 2/ 48 The Strand

47244898 (M) 0408287203
Open: Wednesdays and Saturdays Hours: 12:00 noon to 5:00pm.

Heather Byrne is a renowned pastel and watercolorist. Her exhibition Living on the Fringe refers to wildlife from the tropics. Byrne’s winning entry Oh He’s looking at you from the ‘4th Hinchinbrook birdlife art awards’ is available to view.

Image: Heather Byrne Forest Kingfisher watercolour on Arches paper

Kathy Cornwall’s exhibition Dream Fight showcases mixed media paintings on canvas, found wood decorated with colour experiments, sculptures of stone ware clay and a large piece using recycled plastics. In addition a bird made from corrugated cardboard is a signature piece.

Kathy Cornwall, Forest Tea Set, stoneware

Artists Kathy Cornwall and Heather Byrne are showing new work coinciding with the inaugural Fringe Festival and the North Australian Festival of Arts 1 July – 31 August 2019