Dragons and Damsels

Artist Graeme Buckley 

Exhibition dates: 10 May 2017 – 12 July 2017

Graeme Buckley is a local Townsville artist who has studied art and science.

Buckley has found that there are more than 300 species of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Order Odonata) in Australia and about half of them occur in North Queensland. They are common around freshwater pools and streams where they hunt their prey; smaller insects than themselves which are taken on the wing. Buckley has long been fascinated by their beauty and aerobatic ability. His recent volunteer work with Creekwatch has reignited a passion for these often brightly coloured insects.

For some time the major focus of his artwork has been educating the public about the beauty of nature that is all around us. This exhibition continues that focus.

The exhibition has seventeen works on canvas and six sculptures.