Current Exhibition Steve Maguire and other painters

Adelaide Cohalan is one of the other painters in this exhibition. Trained as a visual artist Cohalan applies carefully honed skills to her paintings.

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Adelaide Cohalan untitled $510
Adelaide Cohalan untitled $510
Anne Lord untitled (north west Qld) $510
Yafeng Duan nfs
Yafeng Duan nfs
The Happy Lunatic,oil on canvas, $420
The Smoker $300
The Village Idiot $300
Steve Maguire in front of Magenta Moondance $300
Regrets $210

ABC Radio 630 AM Monday 12th March 2018 

The Physician, oil on canvas, $300

Steve Maguire and other painters

Steve Maguire and other painters ABC Radio 630 interview Steve Maguire

Thank you to Tom Edwards for the interview and Andy Toulson for playing this interview at ABC local radio 630 AM Townsville.

Gallery 48 is a small gallery and we hope this interview encourages art viewers to come and see the work in the exhibition at 48 The Strand.

The Physician

Furred Feathered & Scaled

This is a joint exhibition by Townsville’s local artists Lynn Scott-Cumming and Margaret Robertson. The North Queensland environment plays an important part in their lives. They find solace and inspiration in the natural environment, including the wide diversity of Australian wildlife that inhabit their little bit of paradise.

Furred, Feathered & Scaled consists of original, limited-edition artists prints, some of which have been hand-coloured with a variety of media, including watercolours and gouache.

Image ‘Torres Strait Pidgeon’ by Lynn Scott-Cumming

The exhibition runs from October 25th to December 23rd 2017

We look forward to sharing the art work.

Opening event: Sunday 29th October at 2pm

Lynn-Torres Strait Pidgeon

Lynn Scott-Cumming Torres Strait Pigeon, Drypoint on acetate Hand-coloured

28 x 27.5cm., $190


Lynn Scott-Cumming Cunjevoi Croc, Drypoint on acetate Hand-coloured

28 x 27.5cm $190