A few personal projects for the year

In February and March the rain kept coming so the boat was protected with plastic.
More ideas about rain
2019 Floods, Eromanga Inland Sea, Flinders Morning Basins
This drawing on lined paper (becoming obsolete) refers to amongst other things, THE PHYSIOGRAPHIC REGIONS OF AUSTRALIA
The 3 divisions from Jennings and Mabbutt (1977, 1986) are Physiographic Divisions: 1. Eastern highlands, 2. Interior lowlands, 3. Western Plateau

Vince Bray new work

Vince Bray


VB-YellowSkycroppedIMG_0453.jpg Passing Clouds (yellow sky) detail 15 x 20 cm Paint baked on glass $360

Bray has been painting for much of his life; first at Mount Isa. Now retired in Townsville he refers to the dry tropics from Townsville to Hughenden and further west to Mount Isa.


Vincent Bray, Red Landscape, 2018 

paint baked on glass $300 

Heather Byrne exhibition ‘Living on the Fringe’

Image: Heather Byrne Forest Kingfisher watercolour on Arches paper

Kathy Cornwall exhibition ‘Dream Flight’

Kathy Cornwall Afterlife branch and acrylic paint



Jill O’Sullivan Ravenswood Ghosts (Imperial Hotel Interior 20˚6/1.66s 146˚53/24/09, 2016, relief print, A/P, (30 x 20 cm) $225 framed


Anne Lord Hens 2017, relief with added colour, 1/10, size (10 x 20 cm) $60

two wood engraving blocks, work table and some tools

Hold UP an exhibition of fine art prints, July – September 2018